New for 2022

This page shows some exciting new additions for the 2022 academic year!

New exciting corridors are popping up around the school! These corridors promote key topics, themes and include relevent texts and resources.

In fact, Year 3 (during their Ancient Egypt topic) can decipher the golden hieroglyphics to uncover the hidden Westerings treasure!

Our new dinosaur corridor has a flying pterodactyl, an escaping raptor and a submerged Spinosaurus!

The first of two massive Playground projects has been completed! ->

Next up, our 'Imagination Cove' - coming June 2022!

EYFS Outdoor Learning Zone.mp4

New chairs, tables and classroom furniture match the feature walls in each classroom.

Here, Violets and Bluebells classrooms can be seen sporting their new looks!

This month, we've taken delivery of three trolleys of iPads! We now have over 250 Chromebooks and 100 iPads across the Academy - the most tech' we've ever had! Each teacher also has their own iPad and laptop, enabling them to capture learning 'in the moment' and update parents via the Class Dojo app.

We've also begun replacing the older of our class screens, replacing the 2017 Clevertouch displays for new multitouch 75" screens. Along with the new ELMO visualisers, this will enable teachers to display pupil work in glorious High Definition!


Our new school dog, Zola, joined us in September! She's with us each day, and loves working with the children!

Our Wildlife Walk is nearing completion, and our pupils will be able to start visiting the new nature reserve in April!

...and don't forget, our Wild Westerings Adventure Golf will be open to all pupils from September, and our new office area can be visited by parents, now that the Covid restrictions are lifting!

Don't forget, our new starters can find out more about what to expect in September via the dedicated EYFS page, here: