Academy Uniform

We are particularly proud of how smart our children are at Westerings Primary Academy. They are always excellent ambassadors for the academy when performing in shows or visiting the local community. All of the children from Reception to Year Six wear the same smart uniform at school.

Uniform options:

  • Navy blue skirt, pinafore or long tailored trousers;

  • Navy blue cardigan with academy logo;

  • Pale blue shirt long or short sleeved;

  • Pale blue checked summer dress;

  • Navy blue, black or white socks or navy tights in cold weather.

  • Academy tie.


  • Navy blue tailored long or short trousers;

  • Navy blue V-neck jumper with academy logo;

  • Pale blue shirt long or short sleeved;

  • Navy blue, black or white socks;

  • Academy tie.

Art overall (this could be an old shirt with the sleeves shortened).


Black - plain - please bear in mind that the children wear them at playtimes so they need to be with low heels. Trainers (black or white) are acceptable for outdoor PE, however are not appropriate to be worn as school shoes.

Summer sandals in white/black may be worn with plain navy blue/white socks.

P.E. kit

  • Navy blue shorts;

  • White polo shirt with academy logo;

  • Soft soled black plimsolls or Trainers for outdoor work;

  • Navy blue tracksuit with academy logo (on the sweater) for cold weather/outdoor lessons.

Please clearly label all items of clothing, including coats, with your child's name.

Earrings - small studs only - to be removed for PE lessons.

Long hair to be tied back at all times using simple navy or black hair bands/accessories.

No nail varnish or makeup is permitted. Leggings, hoodies and skorts are not permitted.

Uniform Suppliers

Westerings Primary Academy uniform can be found at the following supplier:

Hair Styles

Designer and extreme hair styles are not permitted in school, i.e not less than a grade 2 in length, no tramlines, symbols etc. Coloured hair is also not permitted.

Book Bags

Book bags should be Westerings branded and can be purchased at the stores listed above.

Personal Property

Personal property should only be brought to school in exceptional circumstances. Staff are not responsible for items brought from home unless they have been specifically requested by the teacher. Drinking bottles (water only) and snack boxes (fruit and veg only) should be labelled clearly with the child's name and class.

Pocket toys are not permitted. Jewellery is not permitted in school for reasons of Health and Safety, not only to your child, but to others too. If ears are pierced then small studs are permitted, but these will have to be removed by the child for any physical activity.

Mobile Phones

An increasing number of children are bringing mobile phones to school. Please be advised that if you wish your child to bring their phone to school, they must be switched off whilst on the school grounds and stored safely in class as per the teacher's instructions. Parents/carers must arrange appropriate insurance cover as the school’s insurance does not cover the loss or damage to mobile phones. Children, not school staff, must take responsibility for their phones and other personal belongings and we accept no responsibility for any loss/damage to mobile phones whilst on school property.

Lost Property

Lost property is stored in each classroom. Please ask your child to check there if they have a missing item. We recycle lost property at the end of each term, or donate to our WPSA pre-loved uniform shop. The academy is not in any way liable for property that is damaged or lost. Children must take responsibility for looking after their own property.