Remarkable World


Festival of Remarkable Lives, July 13th 2021

A One AET festival with two lives streams (primary & secondary age) and 58 local live festivals feeding in! More details coming soon!


Westerings are entering a selection of the AET Remarkable World competitions this year, following our success with winning one of the competitions last year!

We are shortlised as a finalist school to compete in the following competition:

  • Sustainability

Our Academy Lead for RW2021 is Mr Stainsbury.


At Westerings, we believe we are leading the way with our ambitious work to make our school as friendly to the environment as possible.

Following the 'One World Living' principles (see below) we have developed a robust action plan to take our school through the process of reducing energy waste, increasing recycling, moving to sustainable initiatives across the Academy and much more...


STAFF: Our teachers are working hard to promote the 'Zero Waste' and recycling elements of our action planning. Mr Daniell (our site manager) has overseen the implementation of our new recycling bin system and has been busy working in our Wildlife Walk, installing the many pupil-made bird boxes across our woodland!

Parents: Our brilliant 'Parent Sustainability Action Group' was formed this year and have been busy focusing on key initiatives, including our "New for 2021: Wildlife Walk"

But that's not all... this year, we've planted over 400 trees, added two compost zones, increased our number of sensor-activated LED lights, changed energy provider, continued our 3PR and 'walk to school' initiatives and MUCH MORE!

We've got ambitious plans for the future too, such as creating our own energy (through solar panelling), addition of electric car chargers to encourage sustainable travel... we won't stop until we're 100% sustainable and eco-friendly!

PUPILS: Our wonderful children are 100% committed to supporting our various initiatives, including action planning key projects such as September's "Meat Free Mondays" and "Plastic Free Fridays".

In addition, they're becoming experts at recycling. We now recycle all paper, card, glass, plastic*, ink cartridges and more!

Community: Councilor Julie Gooding and her team of parent and pupil volunteers have been carrying out litter-picks in the local area throughout the year.