Careers & Pathways

At Westerings, our primary careers curriculum focuses on broadening our pupil’s horizons, challenging stereotypes, and helping our pupils to develop the skills and sense of self that will enable them to reach their full potential.

Research shows that:

  • Children have their first aspirations aged 3-4 years

  • By the age of 7 children are beginning to think about what they can and cannot do because of their gender. By the age of 10, children make career-limiting decisions, which they solidify by age 14.

  • Being more aware about higher education, by age 10, means a child is twice as likely to end up at a more competitive university than someone who was first exposed in their late teens.

Our primary careers curriculum aims to expose students to more knowledge, opportunities, and experiences, so they can successfully transition into the next phase of their education and leave Westerings with high aspirations.

In November 2022, 21 Year 4, 5, and 6 pupil premium pupils went to London for the Kidzania Careers Festival. These pupils experienced a range of immersive activities and had the chance to meet with an incredible range of industry professionals.

Coming Soon: What we want to be when we grow up video.

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