The Westerings Family

So many visitors to Westerings comment on the 'family feel' of our academy. From the pupils and parents, to staff and Academy Council Members, we all work together to provide the best learning experience possible for our children. 

So, who's who?

Adam Stainsbury Headteacher


Mr. A. Stainsbury 


Mr. A. Towler 

 Teaching & Learning Team

SENDCo & Assistant Headteacher

 Mrs N. Shorten

Senior Leaders & Teachers

Mrs C. Gaya      Mrs V. Benstead     
Mrs R. Towler     Mrs G. Woods     

Class Teachers

Miss S. Goodliffe        Mr M. Bird
Mrs C. Rees      Miss K. Harkin
Miss A. Dee        Miss H. Coker
Miss A. Jackson      Miss C. Neaves
Mr C. Wade    Miss M. Stryczek
Mrs J. Galer    Mr H. Willsmore

Regional Director     

             Mrs M. Heatherson                

Administrative Staff

Mrs G. Fance, Mrs Higginson & Mrs M. Chandler  


Mrs C. Phipps & our dedicated team from Kindred

Our 'Clever Clogs' pre-school staff, catering provider (Aspens) and out-of-hours cleaning team information can be found on their respective websites. 

Teaching and Learning Support Team

 Learning Support Assistants

 Mrs P. Morrison    Mrs Gunton

 Mrs J. McBain    

 Mrs E. Murphy      Mrs L. Cook

Mrs K. Wood      Mrs Linehan

Mrs N. Geary      Mrs H. Hickman

Ms H. Syed        Mrs L. Doherty


Our Academy Council members can be found on the Academy Council  pages. 

Higher Level Teaching Assistants & Cover Supervisors

 Mrs C. Evers     Mrs Murdoch   
  Miss E. Springett   Mrs L. Grant     Mrs M. Collier  Mrs R. Oxby 
Miss C. Doran

School Facilities Manager

Mr I. Daniell

Wraparound Care Lead

Mrs L. Davies

 Midday Supervisor

 Mrs J Clarke

 Midday Assistants

 Mrs Tyrrell    Mrs White   Mrs Mather   Mrs Eve   Miss Nottingham

VIP (Very Important Pup!)