Why Choose Westerings?

Choosing a primary school for your child is a tough decision, especially in an area with other great schools to choose from. Our pupils and families believe Westerings gives them the best start in life, and for many reasons.


Pupils at Westerings achieve highly, when compared to other schools nationally. 

The figures in green show our most recent SATS results, pre-Covid, which are an indicator of how well our pupils perform academically. With a combined Reading, Writing and Maths percentage twenty-one points above the national average, it is clear that our children leave in a better position to achieve at secondary school and beyond. 

Our Greater Depth results have been up to 29% higher than the national average too! This shows that children get a fantastic academic start to their school career at Westerings...

SUMMARY westerings Primary Academic Results 2019.pdf
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We are also the first AET primary school across the country to be 'serverless' and operate a cloud-based approach to Computing teaching and learning. Every child leaves Westerings having coded and developed their own website, programmed their own computer game, debugged algorithms and much more! Our wireless network extends to our outdoor woodland areas, enabling our children to use any of our 150+ Chomebooks or iPads in lessons (inside or outside!)

Our innovations:

Westerings has the most beautiful, stunning woodland setting imaginable. Nestled amongst Oak and Fir woodland, our school is a perfect setting for children who like the 'big outdoors'! 

We run WildWest (Forest School) sessions for our children, have dedicated nature zones and work with the Woodland Trust to establish a truly idyllic setting for wildlife (as well as our staff and pupils!)

Setting our school apart from the rest, we also have invested heavily in our outdoor environment to ensure our pupils have engaging playtimes and lunchtimes. From special line-painted games on our playgrounds, to a unique 'Adventure Golf' course for our children to use... an outdoor classroom, wildlife walk nature reserve, school dog, acres of woods and fields - Westerings has it all!

We are also a St. John Ambulance accredited school. All children leave having carried out basic First Aid training. This is another example of how our children are given life skills, above and beyond just learning maths and English...

We look forward to welcoming your family to Westerings

Mr. A. Stainsbury