Severe Weather

Very occasionally, severe weather can create conditions which affect the ability to keep the academy open. A decision to close may need to be made in the following circumstances:

  • Severe weather occurs when the school is already open and the severe weather incident occurs or is forecast for the middle of the day;

  • The night before a severe weather incident has been forecast;

  • Early morning after or during a severe weather incident.

The main considerations in making decisions to close are:

  • Health and safety of students, staff, and visitors travelling to and from and around the site;

  • Travel delays at the start of the day causing supervision issues in the school;

  • Ability to provide food for students and staff during the academic day;

  • Effects of the extreme conditions on the school site; and

  • Travel considerations later in the day for a safe journey home.

Whenever there is a school closure, parents/carers will be contacted in the following ways:

  • Via this website (on the front page);

  • Our electronic means of communication (parents will need to be registered with us)

Only the Headteacher can make the decision to close the school. All Headteachers in the Hockley area have pledged to work together to co-ordinate opening / closure in severe weather across the region.