Intent Statement:

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and varied programme to all staff members, ensuring that they have access to regular and high-quality training and resources needed to deliver high-quality education, support and developmental opportunities for all pupils consistently. We aim to create an inclusive, caring and supportive environment in which our staff is equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and professional understanding to meet the needs of the children and young people in our care, and to continually improve educational outcomes.

Implementation Statement:

Our Staff Development programme at Westerings Primary Academy is founded upon a model of continuous professional development, which emphasizes the need for ongoing training, support and guidance within each of the school’s subject teams. Our programme is structured around three pillars of development: ongoing professional learning opportunities, active involvement in school-based research, and extensive feedback. An example of feedback can be seen through our staff survey, which highlights the strength of our staff training opportunities at Westerings. 

To ensure that our programme remains up-to-date with current practices and aligned with our school’s key priorities, we continually evaluate and update our training provision. Through this evaluation, we identify areas of strength and weakness, and adjust our Academy Improvement Plan accordingly.

Impact Statement:

The impact of our Staff Development programme has been significant. We have created a culture of learning and research that places emphasis on the development of the individual staff member, which has directly contributed to improvements in teaching quality and student outcomes.

Our teaching methods are continuously evolving, and our staff members are equipped with the latest techniques to engage and inspire our pupils. As a result, our pupils demonstrate high levels of engagement, attainment and outcomes.

Furthermore, our staff development programme has improved teacher confidence and motivation, leading to lower staff turnover and enhanced job satisfaction. The impact of our Staff Development programme can be seen in the positive feedback and commendations we have received from both external stakeholders and our pupils and parents. To summarise, Westerings is a employer of choice as a result of our commitment to support staff training, well-being and development. 

Additional Benefits:

Further to high quality CPD, our staff benefit from a range of additional 'perks' which make having a role at Westerings truly remarkable. Click 'Employee Benefits' below to see more...

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