Westerings Parent and Staff Association

Westerings Parent and Staff Association (WPSA) run several events throughout the year to raise funds for our pupils. A dedicated team, supported by the wider school community, enable our pupils to benefit from a wide range of resources as a result of the money raised over the years. From iPads to adventure playgrounds, our pupils are better-off as a result of the time and effort our WPSA gives.

We have a busy and proactive Parent-Staff Association that arranges enrichment activities for the children, social functions and fundraising activities for the benefit of the Academy. All Parents/Carers are automatically members of the Association and you may choose to join the organising committee.

Some of the things that the WPSA have provided include:

* Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day Gift Shops where the children can purchase wrapped gifts with their pocket money

* Christmas Parties and Christmas Grottos

* Pantomimes

* Science and Maths resources as well as other equipment for lessons

* Community Fundraising events like the May Fayre, Annual Sponsored Walk,

* Discos and Leavers’ Parties

* Adult Social Nights like Pamper Nights, Curry Nights, Quizzes

* Equipment for the children’s kitchen and salad bar for school dinners

* Cycle Shed

* Ipads, visualisers and other ICT equipment

If you are interested in being either your child’s class rep., an occasional helper for events or a member of the organising committee you can contact a WPSA member via the school office.