Site Security

Academy Security

The academy has secure external fencing to its perimeter. Additional internal fencing ensures the safety of children whilst on the school premises. There are 20+ High Definition CCTV cameras on the academy site which operate 24 hours a day. Our best security device, however, remains the ears and eyes of the people who work at the academy.

An automated barrier to the academy premises ensures agreed access only. Academy gates are opened at key times throughout the day (e.g. student drop-off or hometimes), but teaching staff supervise the Main Gate and key positions around the entry areas at 8.40am to ensure only students or expected visitors access site. The gates are then closed prior to 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Access at all other times are by intercom system only.

Within our school:

We have emergency plans and procedures in place in the event of key events (e.g. Lockdowns and emergency evacuations) which may be viewed upon request.