Safeguarding at Westerings

Westerings Primary Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all its pupils.  We believe that:

What does that look like at Westerings?

All children currently attending Westerings do so safe in the knowledge that their wellbeing is our number one priority. Whether our unique curriculum, our rigorous training of staff, or simply the culture we have created at Westerings, each and every child has the right to to be protected from harm.

Don't take our word for it... In the past year, Westerings has received three externally validated accreditations/reports which demonstrate that safeguarding at Westerings is effective:

Ofsted Report 2023


Our curriculum is bespoke. It has been carefully constructed over the years to be challenging, aspirational and contextualised for our pupils and our locality. In our curriculum, we embed many opportunities for children to learn about what keeps them safe, and how to share concerns as and when they arise. 

Take a look at our PSHE, RSE and PED pages of our curriculum website here: OUR REMARKABLE CURRICULUM.


Safeguarding is not just a 'process', it's an integral part of everyday life at Westerings. Our children are regularly involved in events and opportunities which contribute to the development of a strong safeguarding culture. These range from Bikeability courses in Upper KS2, swimming safety lessons in Y3 and Y6, first aid training in Y5, road safety in various year groups... and much, much more!


We have strict processes and procedures that focus on high-quality training for staff, early intervention and support for pupils and familys, tight monitoring and record keeping, and a joined-up approach with local agencies. 

All staff are Level 2 Safeguarding trained as a minimum expectation. Regular safeguarding updates are embedded to our training schedule to ensure our processes and procedures are always closely followed. 

Hear directly from our pupils!

Take a look at this short video, where our children talk through the different values, procedures or learning that creates a culture of safety at Westerings... 

Curriculum in action:

Take a look at how our lessons and displays support our pupils' knowledge and understanding of safeguarding...

On Y3's curriculum wall, we can see key vocabulary displayed to support their topic on 'Personal Space'. 

Online Safety is part of our curriculum throughout the school. In different year groups, the learning is sequenced so that pupils know how to keep themselves safe online by the time they come to use common forms of technology (e.g. mobile phones)...