Trips and Visits

At Westerings Trips and Visits stimulate and excite children's learning. We love to go out and explore - there is always more to learn!  Each year group has a balanced curriculum plan that is led by the children's ideas- what they already know and what they want to find out. We have planned trips to ensure equal opportunities and cultural experiences throughout the school but also to ensure that every child enjoys exciting learning experiences during their school journey. We do, however, also take opportunities as they arise - a group of Year 6 children enjoyed popping down to the library to see their exhibition on World War II local serviceman and a snowy day always provides lots of fun learning!


Each class makes a variety of visits to enhance their learning:

 - Local visits in walking distance, for example, walking to Hockley Library, Belchamps Activity Centre through the woods or Hawkwell Fire Station; We also visit local day centres and care home to sing carols at Christmas.

- Local visits by train to study our heritage and surroundings, for example, The Saxon King Exhibition, The Planetarium, Southend Pier and the Victorian Heritage of Southend

- Coach trips to educational sites such as Colchester Castle, WB Studios, Danbury, Kentwell Hall, Essex Food and Farming Day, Duxford IWM to name a few.                                                                       

We also have visitors to the school and these have lately included Beekeepers, Fire and Rescue Officers, Police Officers, Opticians and Dental Nurses, Guide Dogs for the Blind Trainers, Owls, church groups, bands and orchestra members to provide musical experiences and Historical Theatrical Companies providing immersion days. It is not uncommon to see a class of Roman soldiers in their togas being drilled on the playground!

Many of the children perform in choirs and sports events so we have taken groups to participate in concerts at The Royal Albert Hall, The O2 Arena, Garons Tennis and Leisure Centre, other schools and sporting locations.

In Year 6, the children spend a week away on a residential trip.  Year 5 children spend two to three days away at a closer location, for example Danbury.


We follow strict guidelines when taking the children off-site and produce risk assessments to protect all concerned. All risk assessments, medical and ratio procedures are recorded via the Evolve portal and monitored by Academies Enterprise Trust. The children's safety is paramount.                                      

Charging and Remissions (Policy Summary)

No charges are made for basic materials used in academy time which are part of the academy curriculum. Parents/carers are asked for voluntary contributions towards the cost of trips, visiting theatre/musical companies, instrumental tuition involving peripatetic teachers, some clubs and DBS checks, and the costs associated with our residential trips. We may occasionally make a small charge for cookery ingredients and specialised materials. No child is ever excluded from an educational activity because of the parents/carers' inability to contribute. If you have a difficulty with payments of any kind, please come in and discuss it with us. If any item of academy equipment is damaged wilfully, parents/carers will be requested to make a contribution towards its replacement.