HPS - temporary relocation

This page aims to update Westerings parents on important updates relating to the temporary relocation of Y4, 5 and 6 from HPS to WPA. 

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I am proud to inform you that our school has offered to extend our support by accommodating staff and students from HPS's Y4, 5 and 6 until they can return to their own school. 

It is times like these that test the true character of a community, and I have complete faith in our collective strength, compassion, and ability to rise above challenges. As we open our doors to these families, it is essential that we demonstrate the support and understanding that we would hope to receive in similar circumstances. Welcoming additional students and staff (albeit temporarily) into our school community may certainly present some adjustments and unavoidable inconveniences. However, the positive impact we can have on the lives of those affected by this unexpected delay is immeasurable. By extending our support, we not only provide stability in education but also demonstrate empathy, resilience, and the values we hold dear at Westerings. 

I extend my thanks to you all for making our families and colleagues from Hockley Primary feel welcome and supported during this difficult time. 

Mr Stainsbury


Q&A - How we are supporting our sister-academy:

Q: How many pupils will Westerings host, and for how long?

Our school will open its doors to Y4, 5 and 6 from Hockley Primary. This will be approximately 140 children. It is estimated that 'Phase 1' of their modular building construction will be completed in November. 

Q: Where are they being taught? Does Westerings have space?

Absolutely! Westerings is known for being spacious, with beautiful grounds which span in all four directions. We can absolutely absorb the additional pupils into our additional spaces e.g. The Lodge (our training centre), the small hall and the former ICT suite. The library has been temporarily moved to 'Deck 22' to provide an additional space for our visitors. None of our pupils' existing classrooms are being used.

Q: Won't there be additional traffic in the surrounding area?

Possibly, but we've put in place a transport system to ensure the number of drop-off and collections is reduced (especially as some HPS siblings will be spread across more than one site). Coaches will bring some children from HPS to Westerings, or visa versa, and where possible parents are being asked to consider walking - we'd ask this of you, too. 

We're also staggering the start/end of the school day for our HPS friends, so that these times are less congested. It's unavoidable that there will be some impact as a result of additional families using the site, and we appreciate the community's support, patience and understanding. 

We'll be continuing with our new hometime arrangements (collecting from class doors) which has made a huge positive difference to peak time footfall, too. 

Q: Where will the additional children go at break, lunch or for clubs?

With us! Just as when we combined schools during Covid, our children showed great resilience and LOVED having new friends to interact with. We're excited to be welcoming some more children to Westerings, albeit temporarily, and sharing our spacious grounds and playspaces. We're spoilt for grounds, woodland and playground space - and with the additional staff from Hockley, supervision will be increased.

Likewise, if there are available spaces in clubs/wraparound care, we'd love to support our HPS families by offering these provisions too, and utilising the additional staffing to provide more capacity. 

Q: Will the following still take place this term? 

PE lessons, music lessons, clubs, trips/visits, events, shows, Wild West, sport fixtures, open evenings, WPSA events etc...

Simple answer... YES! (To all the above!)

How are we encouraging the positive integration of 150 additional pupils?

Read here:

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